House Painting

We specialise in a wide variety of services for your home whether it is just interior or exterior painting, waterproofing, wall coating, roof coating, damp proofing even your palisades and fencing.
We also do specialized paint techniques such as colour washes, dragging, Earthcote and even Suede Paint techniques. These specialized techniques give your walls a different texture giving your home a more personalised feel.
Our House Painting services that we offer include the following:

Dripping water during the rainy season can be so annoying especially if that drip turns into a shower of water. You find yourself running to find buckets every time it looks like it’s going to rain. Let us sort your roof waterproofing problems out the first time. We will assess the problem area and give you a quick solution to the problem. Let the professional painters do your waterproofing rather than letting someone else that doesn’t know what they are doing charge you for a terrible job that will have to be redone in a month’s time. The products we use to waterproof are 100% reliable and our staff are fully trained.

Interior and Exterior Painting
There is no easier way to make your home look brand new then a fresh coat of paint. Adding a new coat of paint to the interior or exterior of your house can also increase your property value if you are planning on selling your home. We will assess your property and your requirements and then we will advise you on the best paint for your house. The next decision is colour: we can give you the best professional advice on what colour will suite your home and your lifestyle.

Specialised Painting
Does your house feel empty? The easiest way to make your home feel more alive is with a fresh coat of paint. We have specialized techniques that we use in your home that make your home come alive with its own personality. Our specialized techniques include Colour washing, Dragging, Earthcote and Suede Paint technique. Colour washing is when your wall has been painted in a solid colour and then you take another colour and paint it over in long strokes to blend the colours together.

Dragging is a faux painting technique that produces thin, vertical stripes on your wall and works best on wood paneling or a smooth wall surface. Earthcote are natural paints that can give your house a favourable natural environment. And finally Suede paint technique creates the illusion of a suede covered wall. Suede paint provides a velvety appearance, and adds depth and dimension to any room.

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